Elf on the Shelf: Gingerbread theme day!

If you’ve known me for even 1 Christmas season, you know we love gingerbreads!  At least, I do.  They are just soooo cute!  I love doing the pastel gingerbread theme (not browns and primary, ick!).  Most families decorate gingerbread houses at some point during the holiday season, and we’re no exception to that! It only seems like the next thing for us to include our family elf, Twinkle.


We’ve been doing a gingerbread theme for a few years, so there will be some previous years’ photos in, as well.  I haven’t braved making our own graham cracker houses, so we just buy the kits from the store that are ready to go and buy extra candy decorations.

Since we were on vacation during the time frame of last year’s gingerbread theme day, it was a little more simple than we usually do.


The houses were set up ahead of time and we used the icing on the children’s and give it plenty of time to set.  On mine, I used a hot glue gun because it holds better and I don’t plan on eating mine.  🙂  Twinkle brought a gingerbread sticker scene, some gingerbread tattoos, gingerbread boy magnet set, and gingerbread pencils. t10857928_10155298449120131_1734883232570914705_n


Here is our Gingerbread day from last year at home with Twinkle


make sure to have lots of extra candies! 🙂





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