Elf on the Shelf: Elf theme day!

If you couldn’t tell already, I love the elf by now as much as our children. 🙂  It just seemed obvious to me I needed to have an elf theme day for the children.  Twinkle needed some buddies!

I’ve seen lots of elves ziplining in so I wanted to do something new and creative…I just thought, how fun would parachuting in be? So, I got a few elves on parachutes and took one of them off, tied it around Twinkle, and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line.  🙂


Look out below!


Elf paratroopers!


Some elf-y treats. 🙂


Goodie bags filled with elf themed surprises…(elf mints, elf chocolates, and elf chapstick).  You can find printables on Elf on the Shelf webpage. 🙂



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