Halloween Party for Preschoolers

It’s not every year that I get to have a Halloween party…some years my daughter is scared of ev-er-y-thiiiiing.  Some years she is ok with it.  This was last year, so I guess this year I should have expected she doesn’t even want to go down the aisles with Halloween items. 994350_10153380599165131_145506011_n

The “party room”1385963_10153380606320131_1370908068_n

Taping off a room with caution/keep out tape worked great for keeping the little ones out of rooms I wanted off limits during the party!


I love to have stations set up on short tables for the little ones that take little (to no) help from me.  I leave things set out that are something the parents can handle and at my daughter’s birthday party, the option to take home the craft supplies in goodie bags was a hit, so thought I would do it with parties.


A cupcake decorating station is always fun for the little ones.  I’ve already done the icing (because we all know the mess that makes!) and the little ones have fun just even picking out their sprinkles!


Some DIY “instant” dirt cups.  We love, love, love dirt cups around here, so I just made these for a quick go-to snack for the party.  Open the pudding cup, add some crushed oreos and whatever picks you have, and they’re done!


We have a few of those buckets from a few years ago that came from Happy Meals at McD’s (this year they have Minions).  I printed out the stationary cards, attached them to cardstock for stability, and glued it onto the popsicle stick.  Tape holds the stick to the bucket.  You can use ping pong balls for the little ones (or ping pong eyeballs if they are older) and they pick the corresponding prize out of the bucket.


More DIY, parent guided crafts.  Self-adhesive stickers for a foam frame!


And I don’t have photos to show of the pumpkin hunt, but it’s just like an Easter egg hunt, but with mini pumpkins.  Of course, there isn’t anything in them (but there is plenty of candy and prizes in the prize bucket for games) so everyone comes in and can either paint or decorate them with the self-adhesive stickers (which is a lot less messy and no drying time involved!).


Another hit that I always make sure we do at our parties, is a cake walk.  I’m sure you recall doing at least one, so I will save the time explaining, but I will post some photos of the circles I made for some ideas.

Here is a link for the printables I used (they aren’t mine):



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