Elf on the Shelf: Snowman theme day!

So as I’ve mentioned, we have about 7 themed days in December (excluding North Pole Breakfast) and snowman themed makes the list!  I think the idea came to me with the craze over Olaf and “do you want to build a snowman?”  I am so thankful my daughter likes it, but is not obsessed.  We both love Rapunzel (Tangled).  😀

Anyway, back to snowmen…

Here was Twinkle some time during the day.  “Supplies” were left to build snowmen, too…like marshmallows, stick pretzels, and edible food markers for my daughter to draw her own snowman faces, buttons, etc.


Here he was ready after lunch for when school was let out with some new crafts.



Snowmen for breakfast.  Now I we know to use white candy melts for attaching the eyes and nose (which is a candy corn).


Gnawing on an “arm,” hahaha


Making snowman pizza!  Easy, fun, delicious! Wins all around.  I think they forgot about this stuff, so I can’t wait to do it again this year.


Putting some snowman decorations up on the window.  I would much rather have a fake snowman on my window than a real one in the yard!!


Hope you enjoyed these quick, easy ideas for a snowman day!


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