North Pole Breakfast and our Elf, Twinkle (3rd annual)

This year my daughter wanted Clarice reindeer, from the original Rudolph Christmas movie.  And I kept seeing so many cute reindeer clip arts that I thought it would be the perfect theme for our NPB.  Alas, the idea was born and I got my craft on!  North Pole Breakfast 2014 with Reindeer…



I made the North Pole with a cardboard tube from paper towels.  Just paint it up with some acrylic paint and I just happened to have a candlestick that was the perfect height and width to slide this onto, print out the sign and also add the red cardstock for some sturdiness.

The “North Pole” as they walked in…



Also similar to the small pole on the table, I created this larger version with an empty cardboard roll from wrapping paper.  The ball on top is a clear (plastic) ornament that I put 3 coats of red paint on and sealed it with a spray sealer for painting.  Stick it on another candlestick and voila! It stands “on its own.”

I have seen advent calendars for years (not really knowing what they were for), but once I saw one that I really, really liked and decided to do one for the children.  I am a little obsessed with them now.  Ours contains  (in each drawer) 1 random act of kindness for the day printed out, the scripture leading up to Jesus’ birth printed out, 1 candy for each child.  I used scrapbook paper, as well as printed out some cute clip art and backgrounds to mod podge onto the cardboard drawers.  Then, just apply some cute number stickers to count down.  I found it easier to count “up” than down since we have our NPB on December 1st anyway.  🙂  So, we start with 1…



I also painted this cute reindeer that was cardboard (from Walmart) since it went with our theme and he’s just so cute!


I painted him with acrylic paint, added some white yard to his scarf, sprinkled some glitter, and sealed with a couple of coats of mod podge.


So for our reindeer themed North Pole Breakfast with Twinkle, I started with our regular white tablecloth and added plastic red and green to tie in our colors.


I made these reindeer donuts with store bought chocolate donuts, pretzel sticks for antlers, m&m’s upside down for the nose, and candy eyes I made this summer.  Attach the eyes and nose with chocolate candy melts.


I made their favorite breakfast muffins (cinnamon streusel, but they call them “sugar muffins” haha).  Again, printed out some cute clip art and attached it to cardstock, then just glue them onto …paper straws!  I cut them into thirds and they are the perfect size.  Lastly, add those cute cupcake icing candies.


I thought it would be cute if Twinkle arrived riding a reindeer…my daughter thought it was adorable!  Ok, ok…maybe cute and silly were her words, but she loved it!



This is also our countdown to Christmas that I just printed out and slid into a frame (from Michaels) and then I use a dry erase marker to change the # of days left.

Twinkle brings a letter every year to the children just reminding them of the many fun things they will make, do, and see, as well as reminding them to show love to one another…

10013675_10155202679620131_7967016268275262435_n                     1526436_10155202680005131_2186631137082555810_n

Twinkle’s key that accompanies him every year…


Cute, cute, cute reindeer printed out and glued onto cardstock and then onto the cake pop stick to use as their “hot cocoa stirrers.”


I just had to make some matching reindeer hot cocoa packs after I saw them online.  Easy…use icing bags and glue on small red pom poms (I suggest using an all-purpose, strong glue…not a glue gun.  It melted and I had to try again).  Do the same with some googly eyes.  Fill with store bought hot cocoa (add some mini chocolate chips if you like) and top with marshmallows.  Use brown pipe cleaners for antlers.


Here is the back side of the table that is set up for them to eat…



I printed out the reindeer clip art I really liked and glued onto cardstock and then onto 3 paper straws that I trimmed down. Make a teepee shape and add a plastic red bead at the top! (I used a red marble that I had a baggie of “extras” from games)



Now these you can get out the glue gun for! 🙂  I used some empty Starbucks bottles (but the stores also sell plain ones now) and glued the pom poms, eyes, and pipe cleaners onto.



Reindeer pancakes!  I used a reindeer gummy nose (it was a package at the store) and white m&m’s that I added the brown center to with chocolate candy melts so it wouldn’t smear.

“Parfaits” are their yogurt that I split in half and added green food coloring to, place it in a sandwich bag, snip a corner and start filling the parfait cups in alternate colors. Add sprinkles and a little reindeer for fun!


Oh! And I know you can’t see this very well….but they are Elf on the Shelf cupcake liners!!! I am in love with the elf, lol.  Target sells them!  I can’t find them in any other stores, but you can probably get them online, as well.  I made their muffins in them.


This is what makes it all worth it…their faces and eyes when they walk in, surprised to see their North Pole Breakfast and Twinkle back for another season…


She noticed the reindeer, Clarice, first that she’s been wanting!


Next, they looked around at all of the reindeer details…  🙂  I love my daughter’s enthusiasm!


“oooo! What’s this?”


“Dear Zaiden,”


“Aaaw, he’s so tiny!”

I think my love of tiny details and objects has rubbed off on her, lol.


“Look at the milk!”




*sniff*  *bigger sniff*  “Mmmm, bacon!  I want to eat it!”




Merry Christmas from us and Twinkle!


For cute reindeer clip art that I used (not mine)


For the sign of the pole on the table:


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