North Pole Breakfast and our elf, Twinkle

This is our first year introducing Elf on the Shelf into our family.  I wanted it to be a special morning for the children, so we had a North Pole Breakfast on December 1st and it’s become an annual tradition for our family.  My children love it so much, I imagine I will be “surprising” them for many years, possibly forever, lol.  Which, I’m okay with!  I love coming up with ideas and themes as much as they love seeing and celebrating them.

Our elf’s name is Twinkle!  Our first year the theme wasn’t so much of a theme as introducing him with whatever Christmas supplies I had around.  😀  So, basically…”Christmas.”


Before setting him up, I followed a post about making the EotS bendy and it worked like a charm!


They were really surprised to see a Christmas breakfast set up!!  Why hadn’t I done this before?  Their eyes were all sparkling and they giggled and were so excited with every new detail they found!


Twinkle brought a mini tree topper for the tiny tree in their bedroom…


And some ornaments to go on it, too!  (So he has brought an ornament every year)



Santa comes down the chimney, but Twinkle uses the door (I guess because of fire? hehehe).


My daughter is very crafty and couldn’t wait to get started on coloring her placemat…


He loves mazes…


I got plain white mugs and put their names on them with a colorful sharpie and baked them.  It didn’t work or I would post the details.  Trying again next year…oh well.  They still got to drink their cocoa for this breakfast!


Looking forward to a whole month of elf shenanigans!


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