North Pole Breakfast and our elf, Twinkle (2nd Annual)

So we’ve had our elf for a whole year and although the children loved their North Pole Breakfast and Twinkle arriving, they didn’t quite know what to expect.  This year…they were totally ready!  They asked since Halloween when he was coming back.  I love their joy!  It’s so contagious.

This year since I had a little more prep time and after seeing some posts on what to do with our elf, I added some more “elfy” themed surprises and did everything in red and green.

My Mom was getting rid of this little sled (and it wasn’t our colors) so I told her I would take it and paint it.  I knew it would be Twinkle’s size!  The children loved it.  My daughter pulled him around on it and then later sat on it and broke it, lol.  I had to fix it because she said Twinkle needed it.


Here is a “bird’s eye view” of the table setting.  I had their placemats like last year, a note from Twinkle this year, an elf karaoke mic (that they loved), hot cocoa supplies with new mugs, and “snowball” donuts (last year the store was sold out!), and some sugary sweets (well, because Twinkle doesn’t know any better 😉 and lastly, elf ornaments!



A special little reminder for them of what our upcoming season is about…


A note to Arrecina from Twinkle…it’s just about what she’s been doing the last couple of months and positive encouragement.


A note for Zaiden from Twinkle…same thing, positive encouragement about what he’s working on and learning.


The new microphone that Twinkle brought.  Boy, this was a hit!


Yay!  “Snowball” donuts from the North Pole.  😉


Toppings for hot cocoa


Sweet treats…


more hot cocoa toppings…


Aren’t these the cutest candy canes??  I am in love!


An ornament to add to their collection.



Hope you enjoyed our 2nd annual North Pole Breakfast ideas!


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