Thanksgiving Party

Every year, I love hosting a small party for my friends and their little ones.  We love the whole fall season (it’s one of my favorites).  And the little fall/Thanksgiving critters are just so cute!

Our parties usually are for younger children…about preschool – young school age right now.  For some holiday parties, I try to include adult activities, but this one is mostly about the little ones.  We actually start with a “countdown” of random acts of kindness and/or crafts that my children can do all month long.  We keep it simple and low cost or free.  I used a turkey craft my daughter made and we just added our own rings of construction paper that I had wrote down the RAOK activities or craft ideas on.  We would take one off each day until Thanksgiving.



When we start our Thanksgiving countdown, I set up the table for them and these are the turkey craft we used to make our countdown turkey.


When it’s party day, I usually try to decorate a day in advance and save the cooking for the day of so it tastes fresh…or warm…plus, the house will smell like fall!



798384_10153553682600131_1432636857_o 1399354_10153553713270131_1085936631_o 1462645_10153553693045131_1105860780_o 1400652_10153572347790131_1049976078_o


These are just from simply printing out some cute critters and attaching them to ribbon or cardstock.

Our entryway table…


Some delicious pumpkin cookies with a cream cheese icing.  They were devoured!  The easiest, least stressful, and most fun way to host a party? Make it a potluck!  Saves time and stress, plus, you get a variety of foods that everyone participated in and it just makes it more fun!  You get to try a new food that sometimes you wouldn’t have before.  Don’t forget to ask about allergies in the invite.  😉


Here is the children’s table set up with activities that they can mostly do on their own.  Some may need help, but I like to have things for little ones to do if they don’t want to play games or for children to come in and warm up to new faces while everyone arrives at the party.  Don’t forget to keep small parts/choking hazards out of reach when the party starts.  Let the adults help with those.  😀


1398062_10153572372365131_1591220907_o 1399216_10153553674520131_1364722817_o

I set out these cute little turkey ornament crafts that the little ones could just peel and stick.  These are the tiny parts I had to let parents know to watch their little ones with.  🙂


We played “Pin the Snood on the Turkey” (the poster on the wall), I added some “turkey’s” to our bowling set and the children LOVED that, and we made bird feeders with pb and tp rolls.



Of course, at the end of it all, everyone loves receiving a goodie bag!


Thanks for taking a look at our Thanksgiving party ideas and I can’t wait to post new ones!

Here are some of the printables for the little critters:

Here is a link for the cookies:


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