Handprint Pumpkin

I saw a cute no-carve idea for a handprint pumpkin craft.  I believe it was on a real pumpkin, but a (dear, smart) friend suggested using a faux pumpkin to keep and use every year….I loved the idea!!  So, I thought I would have to buy one until I remembered I have a silver one I spray painted a couple of years ago when I had an everything-silver-obsession that I haven’t used because now I don’t like it, lol.


So, I took my silver pumpkin that was put away, wasting space, not getting used… and I painted it…again…


O put 2 coats of acrylic paint on it and let it almost dry the second time and mixed up a batch of the orange paint and added a dab of red paint and mixed that in.  Then, I applied that to just the crevices…


I just think the red gives it a little bit more depth and looks a little more realistic.  Besides, I really do like to paint.  🙂

Next, I let that dry and sweet talked hubby to putting his handprint on the pumpkin (he isn’t into the crafty thing). I let it dry completely, added mine, my sons, and my daughters (letting it dry each time).  Here is the final product…


I really do love how it turned out.  Now the only question is how to personalize it.  🙂  Our last initial, our last name, or the words “thankful.”   What do you think??


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