First Lost Tooth

My daughter (Kindergarten age) came to me the other day and excitedly exclaimed she had a loose tooth!  I was completely unprepared!  Not just because I didn’t expect it for another year (the age when her brother lost his first), but also because I really wasn’t prepared.  I didn’t have anything printed.  I didn’t have any cash.  I didn’t have the tooth book or the tooth fairy buddy for her, yet.

Thank goodness for online shopping! I ordered her little tooth fairy pillow buddy I’ve had in my cart for over a year (heheh) and added expedited shipping.  I was hoping I had a week or so to go.  Her brother’s teeth always took quite a while once he found a loose one.  Hers was about midway wiggly, I would say.

She was bubbling with excitement all day.  Wiggling, wiggling, wiggling that little loose tooth.  She brushed and wiggled for a couple of days.  Still no sign of the little tooth fairy pillow buddy.  Luckily, she has a tiny ceramic container that she was expecting to put her tooth in for the “Tooth Fairy.”

The third morning, she came rushing in and woke me, bouncing up and down and shoving her hand in my face and telling me her tooth came out!  Sure enough, there was the tiny little tooth and the cutest toothless gap smile ever (besides her brother’s first lost tooth, too).  🙂

11254397_10156627857515131_833888170921564367_n            12144735_10156627858060131_8503484877535002702_n


She talked all day about her tooth.  I asked her how it came out…”were you wiggling it?”  “Yes…and I pulled it!”    She pulled her own first tooth out!!  I tell you, this little lady has almost no fear!   I remember her brother asked all the time if it would hurt, wouldn’t let anyone touch it, wouldn’t let anyone pull it, wiggle it, I couldn’t even get him to eat a corn dog because he thought it would do the tooth in!  Not our little girl!  She’s ready for the “Tooth Fairy!”

I surprised her with a ready-made letter to give the “Tooth Fairy” and she signed her name (her brother added, “love you”).  We set it by her pillow.


They went to brush their teeth and I thought I would go check the mail, just in case.  We live in an area that was slightly affected by all the rain on the East coast (thankfully no flooding, but roads were inaccessible here, too) and so the mail hadn’t ran for about 3 days.


Woohoo!!  The tooth fairy pillow buddy in the purple (her favorite color) ballet dress arrived!!  I checked just in the nick of time, too because the package was already soaking (the mail person left our mailbox open).  Thankfully, she was dry.  I surprised my daughter with her new little fairy (her brother has a pirate :D).

12115853_10156630520365131_8057461120538069310_n                                                12105938_10156627869185131_714970721860966091_n

She was just as excited about the little fairy as she was about losing her tooth!  She squeezed on her and laughed and kissed her for a bit, exclaiming she loved her.  Now, she was ready for bed!  She put the tooth into the little fairy bag…

12079054_10156630521325131_3457083835282736956_n                                            12079176_10156627870275131_7925553048895124748_n

And I tucked her in…

12079059_10156630522470131_7446130227318310654_n     (she insists begs to sleep on the floor in her brother’s room right now because they’ve always shared a room and neither want to be alone yet).

2 hours later…(yes, it takes that long for them to fall asleep, especially on an exciting night).  Time for a special visit…


The “Tooth Fairy” brings a tooth receipt (of course), a “tooth fairy” charm to go on a necklace, a tooth charm for a bracelet, glittery, sparkly money, stickers, a coloring page, and a personal letter.

12074923_10156630523445131_6629993343048247217_n 12079587_10156630525035131_7164757787233822666_n 12105743_10156630524590131_1053041144681850092_n 12115678_10156630523890131_7522733051397682606_n 12115854_10156630522965131_865021478943947801_n 12140704_10156630525325131_7836840592835545046_n 12143149_10156630524210131_5803463055017963400_n




Again…I got woke up with little hands in my face, trying to show me things and I hear, “Look what the Tooth Fairy gave me!!”

I got up and she laid everything down in a row on the floor so she could inspect it more and to show me.  Her brother read the letter to her.  She explained everything that was there for her, and she especially loved the tiny tooth charm (yes!).


She even went to brush her teeth right away with her new tooth brush and paste and then asked to color her coloring page.  🙂

Now to get ready for her brother’s 7th loose tooth that will fall out any day now and do this all again.  🙂

If you liked some of the printables, here are the links (they aren’t my creations)


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