Birdseed Cookies

So we made these cookies last year and it was such a hit with family and friends that I want to do it again this year and thought I would share with you, too.  We love doing the bird feeder crafts…you know, with the peanut butter and a pinecone or a toilet paper roll.  But I saw the most adorable edible bird seed cookies and had to try them.  My daughter loves baking in the kitchen with me (even if it’s not food for us).  So, of course she asked to help…

It’s really easy, too!  You just measure out the few ingredients and mix, roll out and cut, and bake.  I poked holes in the tops so I could make a garland and add twine to each one to hang on a shrub or tree.





Just for a little extra something, we pressed in more birdseed on the tops before cooking them, but after poking holes.  Turned out cute! Hope the birds thought they were good.  😀


Here is the recipe if you would like to try (it’s not my recipe):


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