Welcome Fall Celebration

I love any reason to have a celebration!  Birthday? Check.  Holidays? Check.  Family over,   lived another day,season change, school starting or ending..you get the idea.    🙂

I don’t do a lot, but just something to mark the day and to have a little fun!


Well, have a little fun and a reason to use this cute little tablecloth for fall!  🙂  I just love these forest creatures theme that has come out.  I printed off some images that kinda match and used them for the banner and on some picks that I added on the (store bought) caramel apples.  🙂



Also, I used to buy (and sometimes still do for ordinary movie nights) store popcorn bags.  You know the ones, with the red and white stripes.  One day I was out.  And I had white paper bags and thought, well, I’ll just cut them up a little and add some stickers to go with the theme of my party, and voila!  I’ve done it almost ever since now because I love to match anything to my themes!!


I let the add candy to their popcorn sometimes, or they can leave it in the little single serving containers I give them (from the dollar store).


Pull out last year’s movie, give them a new sticker/activity book, and do some crafts and you’ve got yourself a family celebration! 🙂

We also had a small get together with friends to welcome fall!  Unfortunately, it was way too windy to set up everything I had taken to decorate and “cutesy” up, but we still got to have a lot of fun!

First, we went on a short hike with a fall scavenger hunt…

12033183_10156584106020131_979393065566106266_n           12036494_10156584106340131_3970833233855403657_n

I printed off a cute fall scavenger hunt page for all the little ones.  It had words and pictures for those who couldn’t read yet.  🙂

The trail on the short hike leads out to the river and the little ones all ran and played for a while in the sand.



Got a quick photo of (almost) all the little ones before we did some more fun stuff…


I made cupcakes and used store bought icing for a quick treat.  The little ones put on their icing and sprinkles, and then I read a book, “Let It Fall.”  It’s an adorable book!


Last, we made some bird feeders out of toilet paper rolls.  Yes, I had lots!  I saved them just for this, lol.

12004768_10156584113880131_954286887664871964_n                                10291297_10156584114280131_3008843216719812890_n

11265450_10156584119865131_4631264709055032994_n                                12036653_10156584119815131_6689990905020769938_n

I think they had fun…I know I did! I look forward to this every year.  🙂

Here is a link for the fall scavenger hunt printable I used (and it’s not mine)…



Happy hunting.  🙂


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