Ready for Fall!

While everyone begins posting memes and photos about fall, pumpkin spice everything, and sweaters…I cling to summer!  There is that short time after summer is over (pinpointed by school starting) but the weather hasn’t quite changed over…I begin the inner struggle: to decorate or not decorate.

See, we’re homeschoolers.  So, for us…technically, it’s still summer.  The weather is still hot.  We can still go to the beach.  Our last family vacation for the year isn’t til the last week of September.  Yet, football season begins.  School (public) begins and buses are seen in the neighborhood.  Everyone else has had their end of summer hoorah’s and festivals…and the fall festivals line up.

So after my son’s birthday (the first week in September) I finally decided to decorate.  I love fall…I just love summer more!  And I feel like once I decorate for fall and accept fall is on the way…winter is right around the corner.  :/   My least favorite season (only because of the weather or boredom after NYE’s with all the fun holidays behind us for a few months).

At least it feels cozy for now…and smells wonderful with the new fall scented candles.  🙂

And it does get me in the mood for fall crafts.  😀

So I usually start with our front door.  Here is the fall wreath I made last year.  Not sure if I should add more to it this year or leave it simple.


When my lo sees me decorating and digging out all the totes, she of course wants to help.

10382718_10155115656890131_1573364861091553524_n            10373711_10154904801315131_7962414456595073424_n

Another simple, easy decoration outside that can carry you through the whole Autumn season.  A bale of straw, some mums, and some additional props from a dollar store.


Here is a pumpkin painting I did last year at Paint and Partake.  Loved the owner/artist…loved the painting.  I sent her a slew of paintings that I liked and she designed this one specifically for our group.  🙂 I went home and added glitter, of course.  😀

10606247_10154995356045131_6566875549329693390_n 10703654_10154984495580131_3519920383198860439_n

Doing the painting at Paint and Partake inspired me to do my own at home.  I repurposed a canvas I already had.  You can actually sand them down!!  I painted it white to start over and then added the chevron using a stencil.  It was difficult, so next time I will try another method.  Then, using some twine and letters I painted, I hung them at the staggering levels and attached them to the back with strong tape.  That way, I can change the letters out if I want to since they aren’t glued on.


This thankful tree was a simple DIY from Michaels!  The pumpkins are heavy duty cardstock that you just put together and hang with twine.  My cards say “I’m thankful for: God, Family, Love, and Friends”


Here is a DIY pumpkin on my mantle.  I added color to an orange faux pumpkin.  Darker orange/bronze in the crevices and a stick on “H” from Michaels.  The autumn beads are also from Michaels.  The crackle pumpkin is from WM.  Wish I knew how to do that! Maybe next year. 😉  Loving my new fall candle scent: Candied Caramel Pecan.  Smells soooooo good!  Scatter some leaves and you’re set!




Here is my printout of our fall bucket list.  We really do try to accomplish these every fall.  I have yet to go to the Renaissance Fair.  Next year is looking promising.  🙂  I use a dry erase marker to start marking off the things on our list as we get them done!


Top of my piano is its location this year, with my pumpkin painting. 🙂


We have little to no entry/foyer.  It almost opens up into our living room, so this table is my entry decor.  😀  Believe it or not (or maybe you can tell), the “sign” about the shelf is a wall decal from the dollar store!  I can take it down after the season is over when I decorate for Christmas.  🙂


I saw something online that I fell in love with and just so happen to have the main element: a bird cage filled with pumpkins!  Well, so mine isn’t completely filled this year and I added some leaves to help fluff it up, but I still love it!  I am loving the crackle pumpkins in the stores this year.  They look so glam!


This is not what my mantle looks like this year, but this is what it looked like last fall.  I like to post things from the year(s) before so I can get an idea of what I did and repeat what I liked and change what I didn’t like.  🙂  I love the candles all aglow on the mantle.  Looks so soft and cozy!  I have little ones in the house, so the candles on the floor are usually in my bathroom! 😀  They were there for the photo op.  😉

Thanksgiving 2014

Hope you enjoyed the fall ideas and that you’re inspired to decorate some shelves/walls in your home.  I use a lot of what I already have around the house and add some fall colors in with it and it’s ready!  Happy Autumn!


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