Visit from the “Tooth Fairy”

My son just started 1st grade and to celebrate his first day, we went to the park after school let out.  While playing at the park, he ran to me and said his tooth was loose! Finally, after 7 years, we have a loose tooth!  I was just as excited (maybe more so) as he was.  I think after the initial excitement, he may have been a bit nervous…wondering if it was going to bleed a lot and if it was going to hurt.  He asked that a lot.

He kept wiggling it and wiggling it…


And wiggling it.

It was barely hanging on.  He didn’t want me to pull it.  I would help him wiggle it to give him an assessment of how loose it was.  I told him, it really wouldn’t hurt and would come right out if he just let me tug on it.  He was adamant, though.  He didn’t want me to pull it.  They went off to brush their teeth (him and his little sister) and he came running back in…he brushed his teeth and it came right out!!  He was super excited.  He couldn’t wait to see what the “Tooth Fairy” would leave him.


He got tucked in with his new little buddy – a pirate tooth pal!!  He didn’t know I even had this ready and waiting for the day his first tooth would come out.  He was pleasantly surprised.


The “Tooth Fairy” had a lot of surprises for the first lost tooth!  There was a personal letter, Tooth Fairy sized, of course.  In a tiny envelope.  🙂  A new tooth brush, a personalized Tooth Fairy sticker with his name, and of course, 3 sparkling dollars!



I think he was happy with his first visit from the Tooth Fairy.


He even loved the tiny letter from her! I thought it was extra special that he could read.  Maybe the long wait for that first tooth was worth it.  He could read his letter all by himself!


First toothless grin with many more to come! 🙂



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